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Your safety and privacy is critical to us.

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At Info Striker Ltd, we understand and respect your privacy associated with any and all information that we may collect from our website. Our privacy policy is applicable to and every place in the website hereafter that mentions “we”, “us” or in the content. We are committed to protect your privacy and personal information that you may provide on our website. We are committed to this privacy policy and simply aim to enlighten our viewers about the information gathered on our platform, how we utilise the details and the circumstances under which we may disclose the collected info to other third parties. The said Privacy Policy is applicable only to the information gathered on the website and not on the other data collected from various sources.

This said Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions mentioned on our website, together set the rules and policies administrating your use of the website. Based on your use and activities after visiting our webpage, you may be asked to agree to a few added terms and conditions.

Online Web Visitors

Info Striker Ltd, like other website operators also collects other non-personal data that is usually made available by the web browsers and servers such as language preference, browser type, referring website and the time and date of the each visitor. Out main purpose of collecting such non-personal information is to mainly better understand the users and how they use the website. We may release such non-personal data at regular time intervals in the form of trending reports to up the usage of the website.

Info Striker Ltd also collects other important personal identifiable information such as the user’s Internet Protocol address (IP address) for its subscribed users and for those users who leave comments on the website’s blog post. Info Striker Ltd may disclose only the subscribed user and the commenters under similar circumstances where it uses and discloses the personal data of users as mentioned below.

Personal Data Collection

Visitors at Info Striker Ltd may sometimes choose to interact regarding various aspects that may require Info Striker Ltd to collect personal information of the users. The type and amount of information collected mainly depends on the type and purpose of the interaction. For instance, we may ask the subscription visitors to provide their email address and username. 


At Info Striker Ltd, we understand the importance and security of your personal details but also understand that there is no online transmission method that is considered as 100% safe and secured. Though we make sure to use acceptable sources to ensure the protection of your personal data, there is no 100% guarantee about its safety.


Advertisements appearing on this website are dedicated to users and are delivered by our advertising partners who hold great possibility of using cookies on your computer. These cookies will help the ad servers to identify your computer and gather information about you, your preferences and all others who might use your computer. The gathered information lets the ad networks to deliver only targeted advertisements (believed to be of your preference) to you. Here in this Privacy Policy, we have covered the needed information about Info Striker Ltd cookies and not that used by the advertisers.

Association with External Sites

Info Striker Ltd may offer services containing links to other external websites that are not governed by us. Clicking on a third party link will hence direct you to the third party website. We sternly advise our users to review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page all the websites that you visit or use.

Info Striker Ltd holds absolutely no control over the actions of such third party website and takes no responsibility for their content, practices, products, services and their privacy policies.

Marketing with Google Adwords

The website uses remarketing services for advertising on other third party platforms, also including Google and to the other previous visitors of the website. This means that Info Striker Ltd advertises to its previous visitors who didn’t complete their task on our website, for instance using the contact us form for making an enquiry. The remarketing can be in the form of a website in the Google Display Network or as an advertisement shown on the Google result page. Other third party companies such as google can use cookies for displaying ads based on your past visits. Any information gathered will be used based on the rules and terms of our privacy policy that also comply with Google’s Privacy policy.

With the aid of the Google Ad Preferences page, you can set your preferences on how the leading search engine can advertise on your browser. If you wish, you can also opt out of the provided interest advertising system by simply changing the cookie settings of your browser or using a browser plugin.

Combined Statistics

Info Striker Ltd may gather data and statistics related to visitor behaviour on the website. Info Striker Ltd may or may not also display the collected data publicly or pass it on to other platforms. Though, Info Striker Ltd makes sure that it does not disclose your personal identity information.

Affiliate Disclosure

Info Striker Ltd uses affiliate links. The website also earns commission from certain of these affiliate links. This will however not in any condition affect your purchases or also the cost paid for the services.


At Info Striker Ltd, we make every bit of effort to enrich online user experience. And to ensure this perfect experience, Info Striker Ltd uses cookies and other similar services and technologies for displaying customised content, advertisements and thus, store your choices on your computer.

Websites store a collection of information in the form of a cookie on the visitor’s personal computer which is again provided by the visitor’s browser, every time the visitor returns to a specific website. Info Striker Ltd uses cookies for identifying and tracking visitors, check their usage and also keep a track of their preferences. Users who do not wish to have cookies tracking their usage on their computer should change their browser settings to ensure that the computer refuses cookies before opening and using websites like Info Striker Ltd. also bear with the drawback of not experiencing certain features on the website which otherwise are functional with the aid of cookies. By progressing into our website without making any changes to the cookie settings, you automatically declare and agree to Info Striker Ltd using cookies on your computer.

Privacy Policy Updates

Info Striker Ltd holds every right to change or alter its Privacy Policy at any given time under its own discretion. Info Striker Ltd encourages all its visitors to check this Privacy Policy page for updates and changes. After every change in the Privacy Policy, your continued usage of the website will automatically represent your acceptance of the updates.