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Terms and conditions mentioned hereby outline the different rules and regulations for the use of Info Striker Ltd website. 

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By entering the website we presume that you accept our terms and conditions completely. You can leave the website Info Striker Ltd. if you do not wish to accept and follow our terms and conditions that are mentioned in this page.

The terminologies used in the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy or all other Agreements related to the website. “You”, “Your” and “Client” refers to the person accessing or using the website, thus accepting the Terms and conditions of the company. Terms like “Us”, “Party” or “Parties” refers to the client and also ourselves or both. The terms refer to the acceptance, offer or the payment consideration needed to undertake our provided assistance to the client in the most suitable manner which may include formal meeting (fixed time) or for meeting with the needs of the client in respect to the company’s products and services that are in harmony with the current laws in South Africa. Using these terminologies in their singular or plural form, capitol or other case, directly refers to the same.


Info Striker Ltd uses cookies in the website. By entering and using the services offered at Info Striker Ltd, you give consent to use the cookies as per the website’s privacy policy.

Majority of websites use cookies that allow us to retrieve user information for all their visits. Info Striker Ltd also uses cookies in some parts of the website to enhance the functionality of these parts and further ease the use of visitors on the website. A few of our affiliates and advertising partners also use cookies.


Unless mentioned otherwise, Info Striker Ltd. and /or its associated licensors hold the ownership of every material you see on Info Striker Ltd. We hold the rights on the intellectual property on this website. You can view or even print pages from the website for your use but within the restrictions set by this terms and conditions.

You should not:

1.     Copy and republish material from infostikerltd.com

2.     Rent, sell or even sub-license material from the website

3.     Duplicate, copy or reproduce content from the website.

4.     Reorganize content unless it is designed for redistribution.

User Comments

1.     The mentioned agreement will initiate hereof.

2.     Parts of this website provide opportunity to users, allowing them to post and also exchange, information, opinions, data and comments in the website. Info Striker Ltd does not review, publish, edit or screen comments to the website’s appearance and the comments do not in any way reflect the opinion or view of people who post such views. To the limit allowed by applicable laws, Info Striker Ltd shall not take any responsibility or liability for the comments, expenses, damages or the cost suffered as a result of the comments appearing on this platform.

3.     Info Striker Ltd holds every right to monitor the comments and remove any comment that it considers offensive, inappropriate or breaches the Terms and conditions of the website.

4.     You represent and affirm that:

- You are eligible to comment and post them on our platform and have the licenses to permit them.

- The comments stated do not disregard any kind of intellectual property, also including copyright, trademark, patent or proprietary right to third parties without any limitation.

- The mentioned comments will however not be used to promote or solicit business or even present any sort of commercial activities or any kind of illicit activities.

- The comments will not include and offensive, indecent, defamatory or slanderous material that will breach privacy.

5.     Hereby you give Info Striker Ltd a royalty free, non-exclusive license to edit, use, authorise others to use and reproduce your comments in any media or format.


Hyperlinking Our Web Content

1.     Following groups or organizations may link or associate to our website without any aforementioned written approval.

-       Government organisations

-       Search engines

-       News agencies

-       Online data distributors when they mention us in their directory may link directly to our website similar to hyperlinking their page with the other websites for business purposes.

-       Systemwide Accredited Businesses excluding shopping malls, charity, non-profit organisations and fundraising groups that may not hyperlink to our page.

2.     Mentioned organizations may directly link to our website home page, publications, or any other website information only of the link:

-       Is not misleading or false

-       Does not wrongly imply endorsement, approval and sponsorship of the linking party, its products, services

-       Rightly fits within the rules and context of use mentioned by the linking party.

3.     The website may approve and also consider other link requests in discretion by certain organizations including:

-       Common consumer or genuine business information sources like American Automobile Association, Chambers of Commerce, Consumers Union, AARP

-       Community sites like dot.com

-       Online directory distributors

-       Groups that represent charities (also including charity offering sites)

-       Internet platforms

-       Consulting, accounting and law firms with primary clients and businesses.

-       Trade and educational associations

We will accept link requests from organisations mentioned above if only we determine that – a) the link will not unfavourably reflect on us or our other accredited businesses. (Trade associations that represent inherent types of business and other work-at-home opportunities shall not link with us). b) the agency does not have unsatisfactory past history with us. c) benefits us from the associated visibility availed from the hyperlink. d) link is the general resource of information for context in question here or is inclusive of the editorial content stated in the newsletter or other similar product offered by the organisation.

These mentioned organisations may either ink to our home page, website information or publications only if the link: a) Is not misleading or false. b) Does not wrongly imply endorsement, approval and sponsorship of the linking party, its products, services. c) Rightly fits within the rules and context of use mentioned by the linking party.

If in any case you belong to any of the organisations mentioned in the above paragraphs and have interest in linking or associating with our website then you must notify is through email (email-id.com). Mention your name, name of organisation, contact details (phone number, email address) and URL of your website, list of all the URLs that you may intent to link with our website and also another list of URLs to which you would want to link from our website. We request you to wait for 2-3 weeks for an appropriate response from us.

Permitted agencies/organisations can hyperlink to our website as mentioned:

-       Using our corporate name

-       Using an appropriate resource locator to get linked to

-       Using any other description for our website or material for getting linked but within the context of information and format for linking to other party sites.

-       Using Info Striker ltd logo or any other artwork will not be allowed for linking based on the trademark license agreement.


You cannot make frames on or around our website without a written permission or approval or use techniques that may change the visual presentation or the appearance of the website in any way. 

Reservation of Rights

We hold every right at any given time and under its discretion we request you to remove any specific or all links to our website. Upon request, you will thereby agree to immediately get rid of all such links to our website. We reserve rights to further amend these mentioned terms and conditions and its associated policy any time. By still continuing to stay associated with our website, you directly agree to stay associated and follow by the mentioned terms and conditions.

Link removal from Website

If you come across links in this website or links to that of other websites that are offensive, you can always contact us. We will see to your request and remove such links but do not obligate to respond to you directly regarding the matter.

While we ensure that all the information on this website is legit, we cannot warrant its accuracy and completeness, nor do we commit to guarantee that our website will remain available or the content on it is updated regularly.

Content Responsibility and Liability

We take no liability for any content you see on the website. You agree to insure and also protect us against claims that may arise due to content on the website. There may be no links on any page of the website or inside any content related to any context or material that is construed as criminal, obscene, or advocates infringement or violates rights of third party.


We dismiss all warranties, representations and conditions related to our website to the very extent allowed by law and also dismiss the use of this webpage (also including warranties without any limitation implied by law for satisfactory quality, fitness and reasonable use of skill and care). No information mentioned in this disclaimer will -

1.     Limit or dismiss your and our liability for personal injury caused due to negligence or death.

2.     Limit or dismiss your and our liability for forgery or other fraudulent misrepresentation.

3.     Limit your or our liabilities that is not permissible under pertinent law.

4.     Dismiss your or our liabilities that may not be barred under pertinent law.

Limitations and all exclusions mentioned in this section and anywhere else in this disclaimer are:

a)     subject to the next paragraph and

b)    manage the liabilities surfacing in the contract or the disclaimer, also including subject matters in relation to the disclaimer and neglect of the violation of statutory duty.

The website, its services and the all information available on the website are all offered free of charge. We are not to be held responsible for any damage or loss caused in any nature.